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2019 Earth Day Tour

We are proud to be out and about for Earth Day 2019 this year. We will be exhibiting at a number of local events across California and Connecticut. Participants are invited to stop by and play our popular stacking tower game that reinforces the benefits of mattress recycling and how to do it.
Look for Bye Bye Mattress at the following events:
April 7
STAR Eco Station Children’s Earth Day
April 11
Earth Day L.A.
April 13
Visalia Earth Day 2019 “Keep On Rolling”
2019 Earth & Arbor Day
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Earth Day
Marine Science Institutes’s Earth Day on the Bay
April 14
Stockton Earth Day Festival “Move Green San Joaquin: Bus, Bike or take a Hike.”
April 20
Earth Day Fresno
April 27
LA Sanitation & Environment Earth Day LA
Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival
Green Oceanside and Earth Festival
April 28
ECOS Sacramento Earth Day
April 27
Newtown Earth Day
May 4
Woodbury Earth Day