We are taking a load off Northeast 
apartment owners and property managers
by recycling unwanted mattresses.

The Mattress Recycling Council is here to assist you with recycling your tenants’ discarded mattresses. Take advantage of MRC’s Bye Bye Mattress program.

Constantly confronted with piles of mattresses? If you manage multiple complexes and each month you are dealing with dozens of mattresses left in apartments, hallways, or parking lots, call your local Mattress Recycling Council coordinator to see how our Bye Bye Mattress program can help.

Just have a stray mattress or two? The Bye Bye Mattress program is still here to help.  Call your local Mattress Recycling Council coordinator or go to ByeByeMattress.com to find a free drop-off location near you.

Start a proactive education campaign with your tenants:

  • Outline your rules in your tenant’s move-in packet for proper disposal of an unwanted mattress by directing them to the ByeByeMattress.com website or the phone number of the appropriate municipal department.
  • Your town may offer curbside bulky item pick-up for apartment tenants. If not, there is likely a free drop-off location in your area courtesy of MRC’s Bye Bye Mattress program. Check the ByeByeMattress.com website for the nearby facilities and events that accept mattresses at no charge that your tenants may use.
  • Let your tenants know that many mattress retailers will take back their old mattress and box spring when a newly purchased one is delivered.
  • As your tenants make their move-out plans, encourage them to take the steps to recycle any mattress that they will not be taking with them. Alternatively, create a designated spot for them to leave their old mattress where it will not get wet and dirty and potentially become ineligible for recycling.

Continue to educate your tenants by posting notices above mailboxes, in the laundry room and in the hallway reminding residents of your guidelines.

  • Contact info@byebyemattress.com if you are interested in receiving materials to educate your residents. We have templates for fliers, newsletters, social media content and more and would be happy to assist you.

To learn more contact:

Dan McGowan, 
(860) 830-3832